Kamagra – Generic Viagra from Ajanta Pharma

Kamagra as the name suggests is combination of two words- Kama and gra. Kama in Sanskrit means art of making love and it is the base for the well-known literature of Kamasutra, while agra is the suffix of Viagra. When these two words are combined together Kamagra word appears. Kamagra is a medical brand of erectile dysfunction drugs produced by indian pharmaceutical giant Ajanta Pharma. All Kamagra drugs are supplied in a different medical forms such as pill, jelly, effervescent tablet and chewable flavored tablet. Kamagra is made from Sildenafil Citrate – active ingredient of famous Viagra.

We offer all  Kamagra variations at most reasonable prices with worldwide delivery.

Kamagra Tablets

Kamagra tablets are the most popular generic Viagra pills in UK, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Europe. They are known to be cheap and effective Viagra alternative. Kamagra comes is a pill form. This pill has green color and shape of a diamond.  Letters KGR 100 shown on one side of a pill and Kamagra logo from the other. Pills are packed in a plastic blister which contains 4 pills.


Kamagra tablets are much cheaper than brand Viagra and may considered as the best alternative to it. If you tried Viagra and it works for you than most probably Kamagra will also work for you helping to prevent symptoms of erectile dysfunction. Kamagra tablets are available in dosages of 100mg , 50mg and 25mg.  Kamagra effect lasts up to 6 hours and even longer.

Kamagra Oral Jelly

This medication made if not to say revolution buy certain impact to all erectile dysfunction drugs market. Sildenafil Сitrate comes in a jelly form filled in a small sachets. Being same effective as regular tablets jelly has some certain benefits. First of all jellies have fruit flavor. To consume Kamagra Jelly simply squeeze out the sachet content into a spoon and swallow or into water and drink as a fruity drink.  Second benefit – it starts working much faster. Usually in 15-20 minutes men is ready for the sexual intercourse. This happens because sildenafil already dissolved in a jelly and thus faster reaches the blood.

kamagra-oral-jelly-mix Kamagra Jelly kamagra-oral-jelly

Kamagra Oral jelly supplied in a week pack boxes that contain weekly supply of jellies. However one can order as much as he needs. Oral jelly is the most popular product among others in Kamagra line produced by Ajanta. We highly recommend it.

Kamagra Effervescent

Now kamagra comes in a effervescent tablets form. Such tablet must be thrown in a glass of water and then consumed as a sparkling fruit drink. Easy and feels different. Main difference from regular kamagra tablets faster adsorption into blood which means  it starts working earlier than tablet – 15 – 20 mins. Comparing to jelly its just a matter of taste what form of kamagra you prefer.

kamagra effervescentkamagra efervesscent

Kamagra Polo

Kamagra Polo is an oral chewable tablet with fruit taste. To consume one must chew it. Because of that its starts working even faster than Kamagra in a jelly and effervescent tablet form. Usually 10 minutes. This highly effective and in the same time tasty sildenafil citrate candy is becoming very popular erectile dysfunction treatment.

kamagra-polo-tablets  kamagra-polo1kamagra-polo-2

Kamagra Soft tablets

Oral tablet which must be put under tongue to quickly dissolve in a mouth or chewed. Because of that starts working very fast and may be combined with fatty food. Kamagra Soft supplied in a blister that has 4 tablets with assorted colors and taste.